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Iranian artist Behrad Hassanati has exhibited his work in Iran, Finland, Germany, Serbia, and the UK. Although Behrad lives and paints in Germany, the people and places of the entire world are vital to his work.
Behrad's work tends to usually be in black and white and has a strong emphasis on composition and texture to convey a particular concept. As he faces different life situations and circumstances, Behrad tries to bring these events into his work by looking for the beauty in each situation. The main influences and artists that triggered emotions within Behrad from a young age include the famous contemporary painter and sculptor, Alberto Giacometti and expressionist K├Ąthe Kollwitz.
In many of his paintings, Behrad's main theme of work has been the people and their frustrations, tribulations, and hardships. To further elaborate, it can even reflect the people's lack of awareness of their situation or numbness to the forces holding them back. His main purpose is to conjure some sort of emotion in the audience, whether it is something he has experienced or an event in the world that others can relate to.
The best example of Behrad's work is one piece painting titled 'Hero of Our Town that was selected at PFF(Passion For Freedom-2014/London/UK).

Behrad Hassanati

Artist & Graphic Designer


2014    Bachelor degree in Graphic design, Qazvin, IRAN.

2007    Diploma of Graphic design, Art school of Kamal-ol-Molk, Tehran.


2017   (Painting) Art residency, Vassa, Finland

2014   (Painting) 6th PFF festival _ Embassy Tea Gallery, London, UK.

2014   Received a certificate of appreciation from the association of artists from Bushehr province in Tehran, IRAN

2012   5th Student Poster Festival at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad of the University of Novi Sad, Serbia


2017    Gallery of the Central Library of Vassa, Finland

2017    Gallery of the Central Library of Solf, Finland

2014    Iran art gallery, Tehran, IRAN

2012    Kosar Art gallery, Qazvin , IRAN


2018   (Panting), St. Bonifatius-Kirche, Heidelberg, Germany

2014   (Painting) 6th PFF festival _ Embassy Tea Gallery, London, UK.

2014   (Painting), Milad Tower, Tehran, IRAN

2014   (Calligraphy), Qazvin, IRAN

2013   (Drawing), Qazvin, IRAN



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